Jan 5, 2017

Audit Your Website Content

If you’re anything like me, you save everything — bits of fabric, a single shoelace, plastic twist ties from new appliances — just in case. You pack all this stuff into your “junk drawer,” so it’ll be there when you need it. The only problem is, eventually you have so many bits of stuff it’s hard to see what else is in there.

Does this sound kind of like your website? You didn’t set out to fill it with odds and ends, but over time it filled up anyway. It became bloated, and after a while, it’s easy to forget what all you’ve actually put into it and where.

Whether you plan to design a new website or not, performing a content audit is a smart new year’s resolution. By reminding yourself exactly what content you have, you’ll know where to look as you build out your new site or the need for content arises.

You might even discover that your “junk drawer” still has valuable, relevant information for your market — it just needs to be put to good use.

Starting Your Content Audit

There are a few different levels a content audit can cover. You could include metadata like keywords, but we’re just going to talk about the basics, and all you need is Google Sheets or Excel.

Start by labeling each section of your spreadsheet, A-1 through A-14, with the items in the left column below. In the right column, you’ll see exactly what type of info to fill each corresponding box with:


The Devil’s in the Details

It pays to be thorough. Work your way through the website, following every link and detailing everything you come across. When you’re done, you’ll have a detailed map of your website’s strengths and weaknesses.

You’ll also have a clearer idea of your victories and failures in organization and design last time around, and you’ll be able to plan your pages and content around that knowledge.

From here, you’ll be better equipped to write content for a brand new website, manage existing content or execute a strategic content marketing plan for the new year.


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