May 4, 2017

Core Messaging — What Is It? Who Cares?

Note: We’ve updated this post with more details and helpful tips for developing your own core messaging: Core Messaging: What It Is and Why You Should Care

We believe that content connects with customers when it’s authentic and conveys three things: who the company is, what it stands for and a vision or compelling idea. This means your brand or organization has to have clearly defined core messaging before you can produce great content.

We’ve seen over and over with businesses of all sizes how critical core messaging is to developing effective marketing content. If your core is weak, your marketing will be weak and inconsistent.

Websites, billboards, case studies, social media, internal newsletters, videos and email marketing all rely on core messaging. Unless they have strong core messages to guide them, each of them will vary, muddling your brand until no one can tell what you want to convey.

What is Core Messaging?

At Conveyor, we define “core messaging” as:

  • Mission and vision

  • Core values

  • Elevator pitch

  • Tagline

  • Key differentiators

With every client we engage, we’ll make sure the core messaging is solid before we produce any content. And if core messaging is completely missing, we focus on helping the client’s leadership team explore, discuss and create messaging that clarifies the company’s position.

Why Is It Important?

Core messaging doesn’t necessarily replace the marketing copy on your website or in your sales deck — but it should be the seed for everything you produce.

When you create it well, however, your core messaging will efficiently and clearly drive all of the information your company creates, across every channel, to everyone your company cares about: your customers, investors, employees and partners. Your marketing, training, product information, customer service and employee communications will all reflect your brand clearly and consistently.

Is your company’s core messaging clear? If you’re not sure, look at this checklist.


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