Feb 19, 2016

Don’t Write Garbage

Don’t write garbage. You know what I mean. Don’t write value-added solution-y content just because that’s what your client has always had.

The world is full of websites and marketing materials made up of grammatically tenuous and hard-to-follow sentences laced with keywords and buzzwords because people are afraid. Afraid of what they don’t know. Afraid of what you might know. Afraid of what their competitors might know they don’t know. All of these fears they hide – in confusing language.

It’s not the fault of industry. “Solution jargon” is partly born from the simmering stewpot of ideas that each industry needs to encourage in order to innovate. But each industry is also full of people who know what they’re doing. Then there are some people who don’t. They are the ones who need to cling to the jargon. You, my friend, don’t need to.

So don’t write it any more. Let the garbage go. Write good English. Conversational stories. Think about what you have to say, and then speak from the heart, or at least from the heart of your client, if that’s who pushes your pen.

Life is too short to put any more garbage content out there, and the business needs your best work now more than ever.


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