Oct 16, 2018

Five Tips for Making the Most of Your Intranet Content

Intranet content is a unique project for many marketers: rather than driving leads or traffic, the goal is clear communication and consistent brand awareness — key practices for any content marketer, but particularly useful here.

Whether you’re working in an established platform like sharepoint, or you’re just starting to think about establishing a company portal, here are a few tips to make sure your content gets the job done.

  1. Know your audience: You do this for the rest of the content you produce (or you should) and it’s no different for your intranet. Knowing the demographics, challenges, pain points and drivers of your colleagues is just as critical for writing effective intranet content as it is for traditional marketing. These should be based on the same kind of research you’d do for external target audiences. Depending on the size of your organization, it might be helpful to reach out to your HR department for insights.
  2. Know your brand: Your intranet content should feel like a natural extension of your brand, so having clearly established voice, tone and style guidelines is critical. This also extends to the visuals of your content — your photography, color and typography should all align with established brand guidelines.
  3. Be clear: Now is not the time to stretch your brand’s voice and tone. Your intranet content should first and foremost be specific, clear and helpful to the end user. That might mean breaking a complex topic into smaller, easily-understood chunks, or leveraging the tools of typography to bold, italicize and otherwise emphasize content so that your communications can be easily read.
  4. Be visual: In addition to the visual pacing and layout of your content, adding images, infographics and icons can be hugely helpful to convey complex ideas in a simple, easy to digest format.
  5. Cross reference: Just like you would with any successful blog, be sure to cross reference whenever you can. It helps your readers find more useful information, and ensures that your content stays tight and on-topic.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you produce clear, educational and on-brand content that will keep your colleagues well-informed and ready for anything.


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