Nov 20, 2018

Four Reasons to Add Social Influencers to Your Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing is on the rise as companies search for new outlets for their products. And we’re not just talking about celebrity endorsements. The first platforms like Myspace and YouTube proved that the traditional path to fame was a thing of the past. Leveraging their niche audiences, early social media adopters showed the world you don’t need an Oscar or a Grammy to capitalize on a fan base.

Nowadays, modern influencers operate primarily on three social platforms, YouTube, Twitter and the fastest-growing platform of the moment — Instagram. These accounts can have anywhere from thousands to millions of followers, and leverage their knowledge and lifestyle to engage with a digital community.

These followers can add substantial marketing value to your business. Here are four reasons to consider adding influencers into your marketing strategy.

1. Niche Audience Targeting

As digital platforms begin to limit access to audience demographics, it’s increasingly difficult to target your perfect customer. Facebook, the parent company of rising-star Instagram, has started a campaign for user trust. Following a number of company missteps, they have put their focus back on the users — which significantly limits access to personal information for app developers and marketers.

Before leaving social media advertising altogether, consider repurposing a portion of your digital ad spend on influencers. Unlike display ads, you can see the potential audience influencers offer by reviewing the accounts that follow them. While it can be time-consuming to scour thousands of followers’ social media pages, what better way to gain information than straight from the source?

2. Inherent Audience Trust

Influencers have carefully curated an experience for their followers. They’ve created a lifestyle and their followers have bought into their vision and content. Unlike display ads, the viewer is not being pulled out of their chosen social experience because your product or service has been invited in.

Not only will the viewer be more likely to see your content, but by agreeing to promote your product or service, the influencer is passing their earned trust onto you. Influencers may have thousands to millions of followers — but they’re not celebrities, they are everyday people with niche tastes. Think of an influencer as your older sibling’s cool friend. They represent a lifestyle that, while heavily curated, is still attainable, and your product is now a part of that lifestyle.

3. A New Way of Tracking Interest

Display ads changed the game a decade ago by providing completely trackable views, clicks and conversions, but you couldn’t see exactly who saw your product. With influencer marketing, you can publicly see the pool of potential views, including account names, interests and lifestyle.

Once you have skimmed an influencer’s followers and started your partnership, you can track sales using partner codes or custom links. Outside of sales, you will also be able to see who interacted with the influencer’s posts through likes and comments. This information is invaluable for helping track and update your target audience.

4. Increased ROI

Return on investment is the cornerstone of a digital marketing program, and influencer marketing is no different. As digital ads have increased in popularity, so has the average cost per conversion. Digital advertising is now driving up the price of ads and oversaturating users with content.

Influencer marketing offers relief from bloated digital ad budgets and can cost as little as providing a free product — although top-performing influencer accounts may charge up to $10,000. In return, your company gets an engaged audience and a spokesperson. If you choose the right influencer, this partnership can result in sales. One study showed that influencer marketing ROI was 11 times higher than traditional display ads.

With a new year right around the corner, now is the perfect time to consider adding influencers to your digital marketing strategy. Click on that social icon and begin your search for the perfect partner!


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