Jul 7, 2017

How Subject Matter Experts Bring Your Brand to Life

How do you create authenticity? How do you bottle up a genuine passion for your brand’s story and make it resonate with the people that matter? The short answer: you bring in the experts.

Subject matter experts offer authority in a particular field or topic. Incorporating expert testimonial and storytelling into your content strategy is an easy way to establish credibility and thought leadership for your brand. Quite simply: subject matter experts play an incredibly important role because they offer a face and a voice for your target audience to connect to. They make your content come to life.

When Ste. Michelle Wine Estates needed help bringing their online wine training courses to life, we called in the experts — their sommeliers and winemakers. Ste. Michelle Wine Estates is one of the largest wine distributors in North America, comprised of more than 20 brands, which can make it difficult for their employees to be knowledgeable and passionate about each varietal and vintage. We made the wine content relatable by putting a face and family legacy behind each story, each bottle.

When drafting content for the company’s e-learning courses with our friends at Daylight, we featured quotes, videos and images of the people that pour their heart and soul into the wines enjoyed across the world. We crafted messages around the generations of families that have winemaking in their blood. We showcased pictures of them in the vineyard, in a flatbed truck with their children, perusing the vines.

We showed them on film, discussing the subtle ways in which the terroir — the region’s climate, soils and terrain — affect the taste of each bottle. We let the experts do the talking and it paid off. Together we crafted dense, educational content that was not only easy to digest but deeply personal and deeply interesting.

Whether you’re in the wine industry or manufacturing, subject matter experts can transform your digital marketing strategy. Not sure how to best use their niche skill sets? Here are seven ways to glean information and create content from your experts.


Whether it’s written by them, edited by them or maybe they simply gave you the topic and you ghost-wrote the article, subject matter experts can help you tap into the trends and topics your audience cares about.

Influencer Lists

Your experts are already following other influencers on social media, in forums and on blogs — get their list of influencers and follow them too. This group will help you identify decision makers, engage in the community and generate content ideas.


Whether your company has its own or whether your expert is a guest speaker, podcasts are a great way to speak to highly targeted audiences on an increasingly popular medium.

Case Studies

Pick their brains. Ask your expert about interesting projects they’ve worked on and customers they’ve worked with. These details and contacts can lead to case studies that illustrate your brand’s ability to solve problems and differentiate itself in competitive markets.


Quick tutorials, FAQs and how-to guides — whether used internally or externally — are great resources and can be repurposed across all your digital channels.


You’d be surprised to discover that in three simple sentences, your subject matter expert can spout off the perfect idea for an infographic. Jot the notes down, pair it with a graphic and you’ve got content that’s easy to digest and share.

Social Posts

What’s an easy way to promote the blog, podcast, case study, video or infographic? With a quote or soundbite from your expert.


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