Mar 7, 2017

How We Think About Serving Clients

Like any agency, we’re only as good as the work we do — measured by how happy we make our clients. So with every project we undertake, we look at four criteria: creating delight, meeting or exceeding expectations, managing budget and driving results.


One of the things we always try to incorporate is a way to delight the client beyond their expectations or previous experience.

Delight is the little something extra no one expects. Sometimes it’s tiny, like a design touch or some research that makes the story connect just a little better. Other times it can be an afterthought that recaps the results in a thoughtful way for the client to enjoy.


Then we look at expectations — both our own as well as the client’s. Did we reach them, meet them, beat them? What were the client’s expectations of the project? Could we have done better?

We always have to push ourselves for the best we can deliver, no matter who is asking or what they expect. We know how good it can be — and it’s our job to make it happen.


Meeting or beating the budget we agree to with the client is how we earn their trust, as well as how we make money.

Sometimes we get to the middle of a project and realize that we have to put in extra work to meet expectations and delight the client, but we always have to keep an eye on the budget and where we are, so that the ship floats.


We have to connect every piece of marketing to a result that drives the client’s business forward, or we’re just doing work for work’s sake. So we target and measure business results — the sales, impressions or return-on-investment we create for the client through our work.

Some branding work is really hard to measure, like the value of a new identity, or the ROI of an awareness campaign. But every tactic should have a goal that involves the target audience or customer to be inspired, be amazed, become educated — or buy.

Each of these four components go into every client campaign and project, or it doesn’t start. It’s how you make sure you deliver value in your work — keeping the clients and the team happy in the long term.


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