Jun 12, 2018

Info vs. Impact: Customer Stories in Action

Businesses are pretty good at talking about themselves, especially on the web. From about pages to service listings, product descriptions to target industries, company websites are dense with details about what a business does and who they serve.

But most of these websites are missing a critical component — results. Ask yourself, does your website address the impact your product or service has on your customers? If not, you’re missing out on a real opportunity.

Building on Benefits

Leading with the benefit is a classic marketing tip — chances are you’ve heard some variation of Harvard marketing professor Theodore Levitt's adage, "People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole.” This is a great way to start focusing on the impact of your business, but it doesn’t go nearly far enough.

A drill doesn’t just help you make a hole. It can help you hang family photos, put together baby furniture or build storage that frees up valuable space. Likewise, your business doesn’t just provide a product or a service, it can be a trusted partner in achieving real results for your customers.

Conveyor client Acuity Solutions, Inc. is a great example. Acuity is a provider of premier Siemens Product Lifecycle Management software. Simply put, they sell and manage the high-end software that helps engineers design and build their products.

It’s an information-dense industry, and that makes highlighting the results of their work even more important. Here’s a sample from their about page:

Lots of moving parts are both a literal and figurative fact in our clients’ industries. We partner with Siemens to ensure that those parts work well together, and that they’re able to adapt to the changing needs of their users seamlessly. For example, NX CAD features synchronous technology, a breakthrough in CAD direct modeling that lets you capture ideas faster, make design changes more efficiently and use multi-CAD data more easily than ever.

That’s a dense bit of copy, and while it highlights some of the product benefits, Acuity uses customer stories to illustrate their impact. Take their client eero.

Eero is a whole-home WiFi system that delivers fast, secure WiFi to every room in your home. They use Siemens NX software for all of their design needs, and the features of the software — as well as the strength of the Acuity team — have helped eero make great strides in the development of their next-gen product.

“Our partnership with Acuity has been amazing,” said Kliulai Chow-Yee, product design engineer with eero. “Their application engineers are reliable and incredibly responsive. Ron from Acuity is our NX guru — he knows everything. From very obscure CAD issues, to getting our keyboard shortcuts set up, he’s always a video chat or screen share away to walk us through it.”

The team relies on features like synchronized modeling, which isn’t available with most software, to work collaboratively on each project. They also use NX PCB.xchange, a design interface that facilitates streamlined collaboration between the mechanical and electrical design teams.

“PCB.xchange allows us to translate 3D information to our electrical engineering team that only works in 2D,” said Chow-Yee. “This has really changed the way we work. I can’t imagine building our gen 3 product without it.”

(Read the full customer story

A Time & Place For Everything

We’re not trying to say that one of these pieces of content is better than the other — just the opposite, in fact. Info and impact should go hand in hand.

Every business needs a clear, concise way to describe who they are and what they do. Every business needs details on the features of their product, or the quality of their service. But every business can also benefit from highlighting the impact their work has on the lives of their customers.

You can talk about what your business does until you’re blue in the face, but customer stories put that information into a real-world context. Deeper than just testimonial quotes, these stories establish credibility, convey value and strengthen the connection between what your business offers, and why that matters to the people you’re trying to reach.


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