May 31, 2018

Introducing Conveyor Academy

For the last few years, Conveyor has hosted internal skill-sharing talks that highlight and share the individual expertise of our team members. Project managers taught about updates to Basecamp. Storytellers shared how to think like a journalist. Our founder delivered insights from his lifelong career as a writer. We learned and grew based on the knowledge we gained from one another. We called these presentations Conveyor Academies.

Today, we’re excited to take this well-loved internal process and bring it into the world. Conveyor Academy is still based on the same ideal: sharing knowledge for the betterment of our community. But now it’s got a structure, a plan and a kickass design.

Conveyor Academy is a series of talks, lessons and workshops built to help you move your message. From lightning-fast overviews of essential marketing topics, to intensive workshops that can refine — or redefine — your brand, we’re bringing our knowledge to your doorstep. Or conference room. Or screen.

Here’s how it all breaks down:

5–45 minutes+

Our talks cover the essentials, including helpful strategies in communications and marketing, so you can get the conversation started on your end. Whether it’s a PechaKucha-style talk or a more formal presentation, we aim to be informative, helpful and offer just the right amount of entertainment.

90 minutes+

For a more detailed Conveyor Academy, we host lessons that include useful tips and tools that you can start building with right away. Our lessons include workbooks for your notes, templates for your activities and a wealth of insight on new and emerging marketing strategies.

Half day+

Whether you want to establish your core messaging, a story bank or an entire messaging platform, you don’t have to do it alone. Our workshops bring your team together to tackle the big questions like: What’s our mission as a company? What are our messaging priorities? What sorts of stories can we tell? These workshops will help you build solutions that will drive your business forward.

Our first Conveyor Academy will be a talk on Story Banking, hosted in partnership with Content Strategy PDX and WeWork. Click here for details, and keep your eyes on our Instagram and Facebook for more upcoming Conveyor Academies!


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