Sep 4, 2018

The Must-haves For Content Marketing That Works

Without strategy, all content is destined to fail. It’s the first thing every content marketing program needs and typically the first thing companies skip. Sure, you can make other big mistakes like not following up your posts with the proper promotion or failing to measure analytics, though we’re going to focus on the two things you absolutely need to get started: strategy and passion.

How well do you know your company?

Developing a successful content strategy starts with defining your core messaging. Because if you don’t know what’s important to you, how will you know what you have to offer to your customers? After defining your core messaging, you should have a solid understanding of the big three: your company’s mission, vision, and core values.

How well do you know your customer?

Armed with a newfound understanding of your brand, look to your customers to help you define your content strategy goals. Where do they hang out online? What articles do they read? What forums and comments do they engage with? These can help define the types of content you want to produce, and are useful to keep in mind as you ask yourself why you’re producing content. Are you looking to promote your brand? Generate leads? Increase website traffic?

Mapping out your strategy around your customer will keep your content focused and informative, while helping generate new ideas for articles that resonate with your customer.

But are you passionate enough?

All the strategy, goals and research in the world can’t help you fake passion. Without it, the odds of succeeding in content marketing are up there with winning the lottery. When you sit down to write a post, it should be something you love and can’t wait to share with the world. If this sounds like a challenge, we recommend revisiting your mission, vision and core values for inspiration.

Another great place to look for inspiration is your fans. Whether they’re employees or customers leaving positive reviews, fans of your brand are a great place to see what’s working and resonating. Understanding what gets your customers and employees excited and out of bed is the only way you’re going to develop a content marketing program that works.


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