Dec 6, 2017

Working With Pro-Bono Clients

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to reflect on team successes and begin goal setting for the next year. At Conveyor, we measure our successes not only by the bottom line, but by the projects that truly inspired us — the work that encouraged us to do better and be better. In 2017, we were proud to use our skillsets on two pro-bono projects with causes we believe in.

All-in-all, we learned a few things about how we work with clients (or how we can work better with clients), staff productivity soared, and at the end of the day, the work we accomplished was gratifying, because it was for the common good.

Here are four things we learned from our pro-bono work:

Tie Your Pro-Bono Work Into Your Core Values

At Conveyor, our core values are strong and at the center of each move we make. We encourage our team to focus on excellence, flexibility, sustainability, intelligence and simplicity. Working with pro-bono clients lets us live out our values. Partnering with grassroots organizations that share these values helps us make a difference in our local and global community. This work encourages use to be flexible, to use our intelligence to help the greater good and to make each tactical move with simplicity and grace.

Set Goals

Goal setting is crucial, both internally and externally. Internally, ensure your team has not only the skillset but the bandwidth to take on additional client loads. Once you’ve confirmed you have the resources, allocate them. Treat your pro-bono clients just like any other client by creating a defined scope of work with clear project goals, and a means to measure your success. Outlining a scope will help your team dedicate quality work to the project and will help you address topics like: who is the project targeting, what are the ultimate project goals (i.e. raise funds, secure volunteers, increase awareness) and what metrics should you measure.

Do Great Work

Don’t view your pro-bono clients as an extra workload on your plate. This is the work that matters the most because it’s work you care about. It strengthens the partnerships you forged because of your like-minded values and common cause. Put in the time, sweat and tears it takes to create great work. At Conveyor, in order to do great work we look at four criteria: creating delight, meeting or exceeding expectations, managing budget and driving results.

Do It All Again

There’s no end cap to the amount of good work you can do for your local and global community. So keep pushing. Use your team, tools and resources to make a difference where you can. When you’ve expanded past your comfort zone or exhausted all your partnerships and contacts — reach out further. Take on pro-bono clients in industries you have limited experience in. Work on projects you haven’t done before. Give your team the opportunity to learn with and from the changemakers in your community. You’ll both benefit from it.

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