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Hopworks Urban Brewery

Brewing strategies for brand growth

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Oregon’s first eco-brewery was enjoying great success after six years, but they wanted to compete at the next level with national brands like Widmer and New Belgium. They needed a marketing strategy that factored in their company mission, the business of craft brewing in the Northwest and helped them grow the business with integrity.

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We researched Hopworks’ product placement, messaging and branding, and then interviewed their customers, distributors and employees to develop a plan to help spur the next five years of growth and hit their goals for brand exposure and sales.


The plan included obtaining B Corp status, adopting popular packaging formats, focusing the messaging on key values, and developing better employee and customer communications. To update the digital presence, we developed a modern, mobile website content strategy, partnering with Jolby & Friends for the site design and development.

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Finally, we produced a YouTube commercial for a new beer designed for active lifestyles and promoted it via a social media campaign on Facebook.

Hopworks used the Conveyor strategy to help redefine the brand through its operations as well as in marketing, laying the groundwork for new partnerships and products over the next three years.


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