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Neil Kelly

Content strategy to reach discerning homeowners

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As one of the Northwest’s premier homebuilding and remodeling providers, Neil Kelly has 70 years worth of successful projects to reinforce its reputation. But competition is fierce, so when the brand decided to invest into building the brand for the next generation, Conveyor was proud to be tapped for content strategy and development.

Neil Kelly knew its website was out of date and underperforming, so we began by auditing the existing site to determine what was working and what could be improved. We leveraged the market research and audience profiles done by the brand to develop a content strategy, user flow and outline for what the new site could do, supported by downloads, offline content and social media.  

Neil Kelly Case Study

Collaborating with the internal marketing team, we worked through each section of the new website to outline the key content required, marketing messages, target buyers, calls-to-action and SEO terms important for each page. To cap it off, we developed a set of five key buyer personas in a reference booklet, compiling their research and our messaging into a handy guide for the brand’s marketing and sales teams.


Global Ade

Content strategy and messaging campaign to raise funds for a global nonprofit