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P90 New Workout for All Fitness Levels!

I am so excited for the next volume in the P90X series to be released this month! Why am I excited? Because Tony is taking everything that he has learned with Power 90, P90X, P90X2, and P90X3… and going back

What is your Personality? Take the Personality Test!

Recently I have been studying personality types so I can make a better connection with my clients, and as part of this I took a personality test from the book Personality Plus. I am finding the study of personalities very

Strength Training Starts from the Inside

“Strength is seen on the outside, but built on the inside” -Chalene Johnson How many times have you tried to lose weight with cardio, or gain muscle through strength training? How many times have you started, but then “life gets

Challenge Packs

is a complete solution so that you live healthy and fit. It is a complete package that combines Fitness (Workout) + Nutrition (free Shakeology) + Support to give you a total body transformation.


Fitness Programs

is designed / developed with the mutual correspondence of nutrition, fitness, and health experts. Each workout targets specific category of individuals for specific needs and health requirements!



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f you’re not satisfied with the performance of a product or it simply was not right for you, please Contact Me. I will help you to achieve your fitness goal and make you in the best shape of life.



“Yesterday, I put my resignation notice in at my job. I am a self-employed business owner who will be building the life of my dreams. I get to earn a substantial income doing something I love, that I’m passionate about, and which involves helping people. I will be working from my home office each day based on my own schedule that I set.”
-Kendra Fletcher,
“I don’t need shiny things. What I need is to feel significant. I finally feel that what I do really matters. Thank you to everyone who has believed in us and has taken the steps to live healthier lifestyles. We are in this for the long haul and I wake up EXCITED every single day to help others with their goals of living a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle.”
-Scottie Hobbs,