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July 22, 2014
Justin Miller

Ultimate Reset Cleanse Review Week 3

Yesterday marked the 21st and final day of our Ultimate Rest cleanse! I must say I have learned a lot in the past 3 weeks… I have broadened my cooking skills, introduced some new foods into my nutrition, and feel that I have taken my health to the next level. Now that’s not to say that this program is easy, in fact it is very challenging. Even though there are no physical workouts during the program, it takes a lot of mental discipline to stick with the nutrition and not allow yourself to give in. This is especially true if you have several vices such as coffee, sweets, or if you are a carnivore by nature, such as my case. However, if you approach this cleanse program with an open mind, are willing to dedicate 3 weeks to your health, then I think you will find the overall experience enjoyable and a great way to get out of a “food rut” and find new foods that you didn’t know you liked to eat!

The great part about the Ultimate Reset cleanse is that the meal plan does not leave anything to chance. The primary focus of the program is the nutrition, and the nutrition guide details everything you will be eating throughout the day. There is enough variety in the plan that I found I was never board and never hungry. In fact, the program has guidelines for snacks as well as larger portions should you find you are not eating enough.

Here is an example of a typical day on the Ultimate Reset cleanse:

Breakfast: Fresh seasonal fruit plate (up to 3 cups)

Lunch: Sweet Potato & Roasted Red Peeper Bisque, Greek Salad with home made Greek Dressing

Snack: Miso Soup & Edamame

Dinner: Quinoa-Lentil Pilaf and steamed broccoli with lemon juice

Breakfast fruit plate


Salad lunch on Ultimate Reset

The Ultimate Reset cleanse also focuses on hydration and calls for drinking plenty of distilled water throughout the program. One thing that I found interesting is that distilled water is actually cleaner than purified bottle water. The distilling process strips out all impurities in the water, including necessary minerals. To add minerals back into the water, the Ultimate Reset cleanse includes a Mineralize supplement, which is added to the distilled water. Considering that distilled water is the cleanest water possible, I will continue drinking it after the program.


In summary, if you are wondering if the Ultimate Reset is right for you, I would give it some serious consideration. I feel that anyone could greatly benefit from the program possibly gaining energy, improved digestion and nutrient absorption, decreased allergies, and better sleep, just to name a few. However, it will take some dedication and everyone in the household needs to be on board. This is a great program, but there is a lot of meal prep that requires some time. I think it would be very difficult to stick to the program if you are making 2 different meals for people in the house, not to mention the temptation. Ideally, if everyone in the house is following the program, the preparation could be split amongst the team, saving some time. I found this to be a great way to spend quality time with loved ones, cooking in the kitchen towards a common goal. I will definitely repeat the Ultimate Reset each spring, cleansing my nutrition program, and restarting fresh with the season!

Find more on the Ultimate Reset here!



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