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Try as you may, you just can’t seem to stick with a workout longer than a month. Come the start of the New Year, you sign up with the gym, you have the best of intention that this year is going to be different, this is going to be the year you break the cycle, and nothing is going to stop you! Then life gets in the way, you miss a workout, then two, and the next thing you know you have not gone to the gym in a month… why does this happen?

Is it because you are too busy? NO! …Let me pose this question to you. If health is not your number one priority, then long term what do you have without it?

Is it because of your attitude? MAYBE! …If you think you can’t, then you can’t. If you think you can, then you can, either way you are right! You must take out the head trash in order to reach your goal!

Is it because you are lazy? NO! …I believe that this happens because you have not found YOUR perfect workout. This is different for everyone and you simply have to find THE PERFECT WORKOUT for you! It absolutely possible for you to love your workout instead of dread it! This is where I come in and we work together to find the perfect workout for you!


My Perfect Workout…

First, I have to say, it is my opinion that the term “before and after pictures” is incorrect… after what?! It is not after until you have taken your last breath! There are only progress pictures and the journey does not end.

Now, it took me a while to find my perfect workout…. I first started Beachbody workouts back in 2010 with P90X, and while I liked P90X, I will admit that I started to skip workouts towards the end, and didn’t finish as strong as I could have. I then moved on to Insanity, but again I started to skip workouts… don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed these programs starting out and I made great progress! I even repeated each program several times, and did the hybrid schedule mixing the two. Over a few years I lost 20 pounds, 2 pant sizes, and I kept the weight off. However, for me there was just something missing.

Then in 2013, I heard about a program called Body Beast… it was all weight training and was focused on gaining muscle! I knew this was my sweet spot as I had been lifting weights for years! So I decided to jump in both feet with Body Beast, Shakeology, Energy & Endurance, and later Results & Recovery! I made time for EVERY workout and followed the nutrition plan to the best of my ability. The result? I lost an additional 20 pounds and 2 more pant sizes in 90 days! I am proud to say that this is MY perfect workout!